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Find the data you need

Search the multi-organism collection of genome wide gene expression data obtained from publicly available sources like GEO, ArrayExpress, and SRA. The data has been processed uniformly and normalized using a set of standardized pipelines curated by the Childhood Cancer Data Lab (CCDL).

Create custom datasets

Build and download custom datasets tailored to your needs including gene expression matrices and sample metadata.

You can use datasets for preliminary assessment of biological signals and to accelerate validation of your research findings.

Getting Started using data
Explore different ways you can use data to help with your scientific questions.
Differential Expression Analysis
Learn how you can do differential expression analysis with datasets.
Pathway Analysis
Learn how you can use data to identify pathways that are active in your biological condition of interest. Compendia compendia are collections of samples that have been processed and packaged for broad and flexible use.
Explore the docs
Learn about how we source and process data and other downstream analyses you can do with data.
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